Put Mykonos on your travel list

At the heart of the Aegean Sea lies an island that has its own, unique story to tell — a story that has been going on for decades. Although relatively small in size, the island of Mykonos has been at the top of the “to visit” list for celebrities, artists and travelers from all over the world since as early as the ’60s.

But what do all these visitors find in Mykonos?

First of all, Mykonos has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. There are plenty of beaches for every taste and mood. Whether you are a party animal that wants to dance from morning to night or you are a couple or a family seeking peace away from the vacationing crowds, you will definitely find a beach that will give you exactly what you ask for.

Apart from the beaches, what has made Mykonos famous all over the world is its unique, cosmopolitan atmosphere. While walking down the main street of the Town (“Matogianni”) you may come face to face with a famous fashion designer or a singer; and while sunbathing on the beach, a famous actor or a world-class footballer may be enjoying their cocktail just a few steps away. So, if you were searching for a place “to see and be seen”, you got it right: Mykonos is your destination!

Another reason to visit Mykonos is the never-ending mood for fun that prevails during the summer months and can turn a simple walk into a frantic party that lasts until the morning! The beach bars and clubs with their uplifting music and the intense night life always remain unforgettable for those who want to combine their holidays with lots of dancing and drinking.

Last but not least, the food! There are countless restaurants on the island for every taste: from traditional taverns with fresh fish and Greek dishes to fine dining restaurants that combine Mediterranean cuisine with sushi, and locally sourced ingredients with contemporary culinary trends and practices.

Whatever the main reason for your visit, one thing is for sure: you are going to have an unforgettable experience — especially if you decide to stay in a resort that will make your stay as relaxing and carefree as possible, such as the Apanema Aegean Luxury Resort.

Enjoy your stay on the most cosmopolitan Greek island!